• Monthly Maintenance Contracts Available!

    We're pleased to announce that our Monthly Maintenance Contracts for our clients have been going rather well! We've since offered custom reduced rates to forum owners and so far everyone loves it .

    Normally our hourly rate is $75/hr (flat-rate quotes on jobs available as well) however with several avid forum owners retaining our services we're able to offer a Monthly Maintenance Contract at a reduced rate! Depending on how many hours of service you require per month the rate varies, as with anything purchased in bulk the more hours you purchase, the more the hourly rate is reduced! This reduced rate may not be for everyone, forum owners with the need to customize or make daily changes should sign up, anyone else should request a quote for their services and/or custom modifications as you may end up coming out for much less on a one-time job respectively so make your considerations wisely!

    • 5hrs/month for $250 = $50/hr.
    • 10hrs/month for $400 = $40/hr.
    • 20hrs/month for $550 = $27.50/hr.

    • Maximum offered is 20hrs/month as we only have a limited number of staff available for services to be rendered respectively.
    • Some services might be performed by third-parties on our behalf, it depends on time frames for other jobs, what the service actually is and who's available to complete the work in a timely manner. These are trusted sub-contractors we use regularly with great results.
    • Custom work i.e. custom modifications are not included in this, adjustments to existing modifications are included within reason. Custom modifications will be quoted at a reduced rate if you have an existing maintenance contract.
    • Three (3) Month minimum signup required. Total due before services begin.

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