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    Create a unique custom style with just a few clicks!
    Styles can be wonderful, a way to truly customize your vBulletin forum however on occasion can hinder your site as well. Most vBulletin forum owners know what a style is, some refer to them as "themes" which is also acceptable but the one thing many of us know of more so than anything are the issues that can arise.

    • Updating Styles (not all styles work with certain version of vBulletin).
    • Template merges (sometimes they go well, other times not so much).
    • Those times when you want to upgrade but can't. A newly updated version of your style's .xml file is not available or the original developer no longer supports the style.
    • For some owners, customizing a style is simply too complex despite articles available in an attempt to assist all owners it can be "too much" for some, which is understandable considering the countless style variable edits required, needing to know which stylevar changes which particular aspect of the site and also what css definitions to change since not everything is covered in stylevars etc.

    I've come to find out that many sites forego custom styles altogether and simply retain the default due to one if not more of the above issues listed - which I consider quite sad as many of these communities are huge with unique content and deserve a custom style to showcase their talents and knowledge! I wanted to design a plugin that allows you to select a few colors then save and presto-chango a new custom style!

    This modification changes various forum css and style variable colors easily to avoid countless stylevar edits thereby creating a custom style with minimal effort involved! Upgrades and template merges not affected, plugin works around standard css. Select one or multiple styles to modify.
    • Works with ALL versions of vBulletin 4 series (tested from vB4.1.1 all the way up to vB4.2.5).
    • Customizes all areas of vBulletin.
    • Designed using custom css templates (or saves files depending on css storage settings).
    • CSS template/page inclusion on certain pages required to customize style.
    • Ability to select which styles to apply customization.
    • Excludes Mobile Style so it's not affected (Older versions of vB did not have a mobile style therefor will not be affected).
    • Ability to rebuild styles from mod settings.
    • Full product support: Using a custom script and our mod doesn't style the page correctly? Any type of issue related to this mod will be checked by our staff and a solution provided if possible.
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