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Innovation by Instinct provides custom online services. Our services range from standard website development to CMS such as WordPress and Forum software such as vBulletin™. Dedicated to providing you with the information and services required to shape your website or community into a successful casual or business site with character and functionality.

A list of services offered:

  • Installation - Any Version. Our associates will install any CMS platform without hassle or fuss, it's a quick and easy process if your familiar with different software so let us go through the motions for you!
  • Setup - CMS & Forum - Usergroups, and all related permissions. Our associates will setup your sites permissions how you prefer them to be. The most important aspect of this service is we can set aside time for you if required and help you become educated on the process otherwise consider checking into our Maintenance service listed below.
  • Upgrade All CMS systems. vBulletin - Any Version. *Please note: Regarding vBulletin there are some key differences when going from version 3.x to 4.x and you are advised to request a quote and ask questions about the process in order to make a well informed decision on the matter.
  • Maintenance or Tasks - Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks... Too busy? Going on vacation and need a watchful eye? Describe to us what, when, and where then confirm the service fee and it's that simple. Some owners prefer to focus on actually running their site in terms of activity and participation with members about their content/niche' and choose to have us do the typically referred to as "Behind the Scenes" work.
  • Security - Useful changes, precautions taken depending on your concerns to avoid possible issues from those who would exploit your site if allowed.
  • Malicious Code, Script, and Virus Removal - Something go wrong recently... fears of being hacked or worse, your site has been defaced? It could be someone has gained access to your site or your site has been infected by a virus. On rare occasions we have helped owners locate a virus on their computers. If something has just been "off" about your site lately perhaps you should request this service. *2 Hour Minimum
  • Custom Coding - Our associates can do anything from modifying modifications/plugins you already have installed all the way up to creating brand new modifications/plugins just for your site.
  • Custom Themes/Styles - Our associates can create a unique theme/style that suites both your tastes and your sites niche'.

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My name is Michael and I own Innovation by Instinct. Many of you are clients who I have provided services for in the past or active clients whose sites I'm working on currently. Innovation by Instinct offers limited access to guest therefor we kindly ask that you register to participate - Join today and learn how to make your community stand out above the crowd!

Here's a short list of sites we've worked on in the past and currently provide services and products for, please have a look for yourself and don't hesitate to ask questions regarding the sites listed.

If you have any questions, special needs or requests please contact a administrator and we will be happy to assist you by simply pointing you to the right forum or thread and for serious inquiries forwarding the message to the appropriate staff member.


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Enjoy your visit and we look forward to speaking with you inside the community.


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